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Pumpkin Farms  [city], [state]

[city] [state] Pumpkin Farms

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Important Information When Establishing Pumpkin Farms
There are hundreds of pumpkins varieties, from the small miniatures to the giant varieties that often weigh over 1500 pounds. Pumpkin belongs to the family of “Cucurbita”. Depending on the production of pumpkins from different pumpkin farms, there are literally varieties of them that fall under this category. Some of them are: Cucurbita Monschata, Cucurbita Maxima and Cucurbita Pepo.

There are avalanche of goodness in starting pumpkin farms as an income generating enterprise. With pumpkin farms, you can easily create jobs opportunity for number of organizations. Customers can pick their own variety for making fresh flavorful pies and high nutritional food. Depending on the location of your pumpkin farms, you should plant your seeds in the late spring so that your harvest can be closer to Halloween. A lot of care and preparation are necessary in order for your pumpkin farm business to be successful!


Since the government bureaucracy is always after stifling all businesses and initiatives that are not legally registered, it is therefore necessary to register your pumpkin farms with the county’s tax regulation office. Regardless of the state of your business, either sole proprietorship or partnership, it is therefore vital to adhere to the tax regulation. Through the department of revenue, you can as well apply for sales tax number so that it can help you simplify the process of collecting sale taxes made by different pumpkin farms.

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Through the department of agricultural and farm produce, it is necessary to apply for a permit or license so that you can legally sell your fresh produce you harvest from different pumpkin farms. You must make sure that your pumpkin farms license is valid. Validation is always conducted annually through the department of Agriculture.


The next step is to lease or buy a pumpkin farms land from where you will grow your produce. The size of the land you will buy or lease will depend on the type of pumpkin’s growing techniques you will adopt. If want to locate a suitable place for setting up your pumpkin farms, think of contacting commercial real estate agent.


Once you are set with pumpkins seeds, equipment and insecticide you should now think of marketing strategies. The farmer will find the marketing strategies so that when the crop is ready for picking, the pumpkin farms jobs may be conducted appropriately.

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